About Us

"Welcome to all visitors - thank you for looking at cbusinessonline.com."

cbusinessonline.com is a marketplace that brings to you items of style and value, which we hope you will enjoy. We are passionate about providing a high quality service for you and what better way than with some specially chosen items we believe will interest you.

As collectors of unique and different items over the years, mixing and matching unusual pieces to enhance a space, in particular bespoke vintage items that are not regularly seen everywhere, everyday; and sometimes on everyone else.

Over recent years, many people surf the internet more and more for specific single items and very rarely go into a broader more interesting department store. With so many high street department stores closing, the experience is declining and some young people may never have experienced that relaxing walk around a larger store where the variety leads to a far more interesting experience.

Today, online shopping is becoming ever more prevalent and marketplaces appear to be one of the places that are now replacing this reducing high street experience.

cbusinessonline.com is a unique vintage bespoke area, hosting a varied collection for both fun and serious shoppers. The items chosen for cbusinessonline.com have been personally selected with good quality and style in mind; items with high standard long lasting materials. These products have been recommended to share amongst the online shopping community from one market to another.

We are all unique human beings, individuality is what makes us different, each with our own specific tastes; whether it be clothing, shoes, handbags, manbags, accessories, homeware, kitchenware, travel etc. We believe these items are not often found in your average high street shops or online stores.

We recognise that selling and marketing is all about an emotional connection and we hope these items can make an emotional connection with you.

If its e-business it has to be cbusiness. 

We look forward to doing business with you.